A little bit of introduction
Welcome to the world of pseudo-victorian mechanical STEAMPUNK style.
Steampunk is a science-fiction sub-genre, which is characterized by a typical use of steam-powered machinery and futuristic inventions in the settings of the industrialized victorian 19th century. Characteristic elements are various machine parts, particularly clock gears.

About us
There are three of us ... and we love steampunk ...
Inspired by steampunk we create clothes, jewellery and art.
Pavla Hovorková designs clothes, Hanka Pláteníková designs jewellery and badges, Olga Cermanová paints.
Our fashion is suitable for everyday's wearing, therefore we are CIVIL STEAMPUNK.

Civil Steampunk is registered trademark.

Walk through the fantasy door of every day and never close it again. With a piece from Civil Steampunk you will feel extraordinary.

Pavla HovorkováPavla Hovorková

She was born in Jindřichův Hradec in 1976. After finishing her studies of cloth designs and scenography at JAMU Brno she moved to Prague. She is dedicated to graphic design, works for theatres (apart from costume and scene designs, they sometimes allow her to play), plays with a band, and designs clothes inspired by steampunk. Samples of her works are shown at www.hovorko.cz.





Olga CermanováOlga Cermanová

She was born in Brno in 1981. She is an author of steampunk art. Samples of her works are shown at www.olgacermanova.cz

„I am fascinated by all forms of visual art, I love painting and shooting short movies including animations. My deep relation with art started at the grammar school of art crafts in Brno, where I studied promotional graphics and illustrations. Later I expanded my activities to the field of filmmaking within the scope of creative and visual studies  at the pedagogical faculty MU in Brno. At present time any creative activity is a joy for me and one of the main fulfillments of my free time. My other hobbies include travelling, hiking, biking, adventures and mainly any sort of spiritual enrichment."




Hana PláteníkováHana Pláteníková

She was born in Hustopeče near Brno in 1989. She studied promotional graphics and book graphics, currently she extends her horizons also in the field of arts management. She works as a graphic designer. In free time she plays in theater (www.spoleksimeon.cz), she also likes sports, travelling, and visiting theater and various exhibitions.

„Already as a little girl I collected various jewellery (today I own a pretty nice collection). When I first saw some peices of steampunk jewellery with crystal resin, I have immediatelly fallen in love with this style and decided to create the steampunk jewellery myself. The steampunk jewellery is very popular in the U.S., and now the steampunk wave is slowly moving to Europe. There are already a few other enthusiasts in the Czech Republic, who also create the steampunk jewellery. My every piece is an original; I make efforts to create a wide variety of products, so everyone finds there something to his liking."